Citizens Assembly on Foreign Policy

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Citizens Assembly on Foreign Policy

Post by randallburns on Wed Oct 19, 2011 2:30 pm

Foreign policy and trade is one of the areas in which the 1% have applied the greatest influence.

There are huge advantages to a millionaire with big foreign interests being a US citizen-which is why many of them strive for US citizenship.

I think we need to have a cross section of US citizens carefully look at US Foreign policy, US foreign Aid, and US trade deals with full resources available to the Federal government.

BC did something similar to this when considering a new voting system. Ultimately established political interests stomped on the CA suggestions-but it did raise some very important debate points that are still being considered. In that case, this was kind of like an extended jury duty. I think those folks got some compensation. They also had access to a trained staff that was responsible to them-which meant they could consider things the general public really can't.

Foreign policy is a big area-so it could be broken down.

I think this approach of starting from scratch with ordinary citizens might have more broad appeal than any specific policy proposals.


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