Corporate Manipulation retirement pensions. Lying Cheating ongoing Fraud!

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Corporate Manipulation retirement pensions. Lying Cheating ongoing Fraud!

Post by hotcitykitty on Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:45 pm

Hi Folks :afraid:

As everyone is aware, big business in the recent years has met their demise because of
fraudulent bookkeeping & mismanagement practices..from Enron to recent Solyndra Wall-Street banks-
Today when these companies reach the to big to fail size, it also seems to be to big to punish as well.
They usually take high retirement rewards while the working class citizens is left with no recourse.

With the recent publishing of the book "Retirement Heist" Ellen Schultz
I find myself wondering what we as citizens can do to STOP the unmitigated rape of the nations workforce
TRUST. We have paid into a pension fund 5 10 20 years, to find some asshole has turned it into a $133 Billion dollar retirement > <package for himself using 3 nuts and a bean or congressional laws to transfer the wealth.

It seems to me that corporate business men have simply decided anything goes
and there is no need to be honest about anything. Taking some of their
ques from endless distortion of facts by congressmen/woman out right avoiding
any form of scientific proof or the 30/50 years of record keeping now available for all to see.

.........(GOP-"Michele B I'll dismantle record keeping agencies the first day in office!
We don't need no stinking records, they get in the way of fantacy!))

Facts About Wealth And Inequality

There needs to be serious ramifications for CEO, Board Members and all buddies for crime's against its people
when they proceed to swindle its own people. Even for congress when they pass legislation which turns out to have adversely effected the employees of any bill they participated that caused pain and suffering instead of their so called assurances. They would think twice about just going along with back room board deals.

Right before the big wall street collapse I was working for a Ford dealership in my town selling new cars/trucks.
The auto industry on the dealership side is completely unregulated and these good Ole boys can practically commit murder with out a single soul being aware of any sideways practices.
I saw so much fraudulent behavior by manager(s) with owners aware consent, made my life very difficult.
I have lived in this town 20 years and I refused to hustle anyone..not a popular stand.

I was laid off in Nov 08 and shortly after that the whole of wall street tanked.
For many of the same practices I saw every day at this dealership.
These business men/woman so far away from wall street were as dishonest as wall street just
with less zeros.The company was corrupt & had been so for a very long time.
BUT-It was business as usual, no one was watching no one to report improper (provable) immoral methods too.
Because in many cases like wall street, not considered illegal. Just pretty damn immoral.

Wall Street and all these To Big to Fail business one can stop them.
No one at Wall Street has gone to jail, but many sit there for marijuana usage..
I never felt any pain from someone smoking a joint or any of the endless resons
the middle/lower class go to jail.
I did feel the lies and pain Wall Street inflected on the world.

How do we as the citizens stop or make it very painful for these people who run these corporations
in fraudulent or immoral manor.

How is taking a workforces retirement money under disguise of better management transfer it to other people
leaving the working individual or group with far less or nothing at all.

Isn't this a moral crime worthy of the most severe punishments since it undermines
a social fabric of trust and well being of our culture?

How is smoking a joint,or any drug for that matter inflict this level of devastating pain against
so many people at once- a far worse crime?

Doesn't stealing on a corporate level undermine the Pursuit of Happiness.

These behaviors are going on... "RIGHT THE FUCK NOW !"> Jamie Fox says in "The Kingdom"

There must be a redress of how we as a people address the very greedy men and women given
positions of trust-AND break that trust ..whether they be in business or government..

Arrow (GW/Cheney/Rumsfiel/Rice- lying to THE WORLD go to WAR-
Arrow Enron world-com global crossing-Omnicare’s $133 million man Joel Gemunder
Arrow Solyndra..sure there are many more

TRUST IS ALL WE EVERY HAVE, and when we have arrived at a place when a few men can bring down our world our planet or lives..humanity time to step up- Time to speak up ..otherwise we will end up with
a bad b movies life where we have allowed the destruction of our person at a time.

thanks for your time.

Excerpt from editorial
Journalist Ellen Schultz has been writing about such shameful behavior for a long time, mostly in The Wall Street Journal. Now she has pulled together the copious, irrefutable evidence between the covers of a book. It is shocking, and demoralizing. But will members of Congress and federal agency regulators stop what Schultz calls "retirement heists"? Probably not, unless voters make it clear the incumbents will lose their jobs unless something changes. Arrow Unfortunately, voters are rarely if ever that organized, no matter how much they have been cheated by corporate chieftains


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