People First Amendment

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People First Amendment

Post by PDT on Fri Oct 21, 2011 12:01 pm

Since everything in this country is driven by a "Profit First" philosophy, and is why we now have to fight to gain back control of our government.

1. It has led to a "healthcare industry" whose numbers are strongly represented in the 1%. Meanwhile, 50 million Americans are not covered by health insurance.

2. It has led to a "Government For Sale" industry, many of who are in the 1%.

3. It has allowed the destruction of our environment.

4. It has lowered the quality of living for a majority of our citizens.

..I can go on and on here, you get the point. Feel free to add on.

I just think we need to state somewhere that profit-making cannot be the driving factor for everything we do in this country. Some things need to be "People First" at all times.


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