Term Lengths and Limits?

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Term Lengths and Limits?

Post by DJequalityNash on Sat Oct 22, 2011 2:07 am

What do we have here in mind post convention? Are these delegates serving only for the duration of the convention? If they stay in representation to the peoples convention or assembly or delegation or whatever we call it, how long will it be for?


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Re: Term Lengths and Limits?

Post by randallburns on Sat Oct 22, 2011 3:39 am

Well one logical implication: some of these folks might wind up running for representative in their district.

One interesting feature of having 2 delegates per district, if we used STV to select them, we'd wind up with two candidates with strong support among different factions in that district. It depends on just how non-partisan OWS really turns out to be(which i think remains to be seen). That would mean that plausibly you could have candidates that could run in _both_ party primaries if that were deemed to be an advantage.

That said: I ran a condorcet poll back in 2004-and it turned out Nader actually was preferred by many republicans to Kerry -so this all might actually fly. One advantage of using STV to tally votes:
we can encourage lots of candidates. Those that can't make serious run for the US house, can run for the the state legislature-which will be a key factor if constitutional amendments are needed. We can also make it a matter of policy to run in _either_or _both_ party's primaries if this is an advantage.

There are lots of places where there is _NO_ serious challenge from another party-all the real action is in the primary of one party or another. I think it is perfectly reasonable in those cases to run 1 candidate in both primaries-which will mean the incumbent will need to deal with OWS both in the primary and i the final race(though we might wind up with two OWS candidates in the final race which might be amusing.

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Re: Term Lengths and Limits?

Post by kefranklin on Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:25 pm

I think for the length of the convention. Then, if we need delegates again, the local GA holds another election. Some GAs may not like their delegates performance etc. Other GAs just re-elect as a matter of routine.

If the GA disbands, then I guess the former delegates still represent that GA.


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Re: Term Lengths and Limits?

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