Senate Filibuster

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Senate Filibuster

Post by PDT on Sat Oct 22, 2011 10:38 am

Don't know if this can be a demand or not, but one of the reasons so little has gotten done in the last three years is the Senate filibuster rule. And it hasn't even really been used (no one actually filibusters, except Bernie Sanders) they just threaten to do so because there are not 60 votes on a particular bill. So, even if you have 59 votes, you still don't have a majority in the Senate which is total BS. (this same idea can be applied to the Electoral College where a majority is not necessarily a guarantee of anything, if you get my point. Both have damaged our democracy in this way)

1. Either force the Senate to actually filibuster, that is stand up and say what they oppose, when all are finished take your vote.


2. Abolish the Senate filibuster altogether.

I think there are a lot of little things like this that have been put in place over time, or used by both Democrats and Republicans, in order to usurp our true democracy. Where and whenever we see them, they need to be changed, in order to restore that democracy.


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