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Post by ChicagoWing on Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:55 pm

TO MEMBERS OF THE99declaration group:

I think that there are many positives in The99declaration group. I love the fact that people like you and other progressives are involving themselves and not getting discouraged at reactionaries and the plutocrats stymying and frustrating positive change in Washington and across the nation.

However, as a father of 3, working 2 jobs to pay for my cancer and other bills, reading 100s and 100s of e-mails a day is just a "little much".

& with so many people involved, this process of figuring out what to do to make our nation better, having a convention in Philadelphia on 7/4/2012, etc. it can't help but be a messy, nearly-chaotic process.

So, I wish the very best for The99declaration group. I will continue to be active in Occupy Chicago.

I wish to leave you, for the time being, with some advice.

1. Work on being a little more practical. Don't whine about people under 18 and non-citizens not having a voice in voting. Some of you who want a "perfect democracy" will be the enemy of trying to get something accomplished in this group.

2. Don't get so upset at the idea of organizing the money-making efforts to secure a convention in Philadelphia. How in the world do you think that you can pay for things to get things done, if you are so set on slowing the process down of accumulating money????? Again, purist notions won't serve this group very well. & now from Michael’s e-mail earlier today, I see with so much uproar, dissension and ego the Paypal account is now going to be closed down.

I am encouraged by other aspects of this movement. There’s been hundreds of e-mails and hundreds of good ideas. Special mention to "nutrientscur" for the set of facts/statistics he gave about economy and energy in an e-mail to the group Friday (early afternoon, if you need to look). If knowledge is power, this e-mailer gave us all the political equivalent of a gun. & for you non-violent purists who don’t like the analogy….get OVER IT !

If you can all think of the best way to counter plutocracy in the most effective way possible, your future will be bright.

Good bye and best wishes.

Vincent Schauf
Paralegal & writer


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Post by aspiesmom on Sun Oct 23, 2011 7:16 pm

Dear Vincent, You have a full plate and your health is certainly Number #1 priority right now. I wish you well and quick 100% recovery. Take care of YOU. Of course the door is always open should you decide to return!
All the best, Kathy


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Stepping Away Empty Get Well Soon

Post by psconway on Mon Oct 24, 2011 1:22 am

Thanks for your advice, and get 100% well soon. -Patrick


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Post by BrenW on Mon Oct 24, 2011 2:28 pm

Thanks for your work, and take care of yourself, we may need you sometime down the road and we want you to be healthy for it. Oh, and don't be a stranger. If you find some free time, just drop in and check our progress. Your input is terrific!

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