Focus and Consolidation

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Focus and Consolidation

Post by norcalsu on Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:04 am

I came here from the yahoo group that was closed so I'm trying to catch up with this group. I apologize if I'm repeating anyone.

One thing I noticed in the yahoo that I'm noticing here as well is just the unreal volume of posts and topics and sub topics and tangents and on and on and on. This is not productive.

People need to realize that we are the 99%... not 99% of the problems in the world.

We have to establish (or re-establish) the CORE grievances and problems that are causing the systemic failure of our government. We don't need to talk about every single thing wrong in the country... if we are smart and go after the foundational issues than the rest of the problems will start to solve themselves in a democratic way.

The Framework of our country is good. We don't need to change to an entire new system of government. The constitution and deceleration of independence are two of the most well thought out, and effective charters for fair, equal, and free government the world has ever known. I see no need to re-write them. Thats not the issue. The issues is that they have been manipulated, strayed from, and other wise abandoned by our government over the course of many generations.

The PRIMARY issues we face are the relationship between corporate/special interests and politicians. the game is rigged. If we end that, and rebalance the branches of government, then all of these little pet projects that are so close to so many peoples hearts will be manageable.

I think we should keep it simple;

1- Publicly financed campaigns with free air time, lasting no longer than 8 weeks. (this would automatically reverse the people united vs federal election commission ruling.)
2- End of corporate personhood
3- Reinstatement of Glass-Steagall and appoint a commission to look at new regulations
4- Constitutional amendment addressing and ending the Revolving Doors in DC
5- Fix Tax structure (warren Buffet plan)
6- Repeal of Patriot Act
7- Regulate and restrict the Lobbying system
8- Rebalanced branches of government (eliminate ghost departments and make sure all departments are overseen by congress)
9- Reprioritize federal, state, local government responsibility. Giving non essential and regional legislation power back to states will lift burden off the federal government allowing it to take care of the economy, environment, defense and our civil liberties more effectively.

I even feel like this list is a little much and could be cut down.

In any case, we have to consolidate our issues here. 100 some off topics of declaration demands is just un realistic and un productive. many of the things I listed above will fix many of the problems lots of you are suggesting be put on the declaration.


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