Legalization of Industrial Hemp

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Legalization of Industrial Hemp

Post by Adam Brabant on Wed Oct 26, 2011 3:58 pm

Industrial hemp for years has been demonized due to its close relative marijuana. Hemp is actually significantly different than marijuana in many key ways. First the THC content is so small that you would die of smoke inhalation before you got hi from smoking hemp. Secondly hemp plants have both male and female reproductive organs whereas with recreational marijuana the male plants are removed from the population in order to increase the THC content of the plants. Hemp produces four times as much pulp for paper production per acre than timber. The paper produced from hemp can be turned from a light beige color to white using hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach. Once hydrogen peroxide is used the output is dirty water, instead of dirty bleach. Hemp also absorbs four times as much carbon dioxide per acre than timber, and grows much much faster. Hemp can be used to restart closed paper plants in Maine, or textile mills in the the Carolinas. Hemp seeds and hemp oil are very healthy for humans to consume and due to the minute THC content there is absolutely no risk of getting hi from consuming hemp oil or hemp seeds. It would also be worthwhile to examine if hemp fed cows are healthier for humans to consume and if those hemp fed cows produce less methane than traditionally fed cows. Hemp also produces more enzymes to produce ethanol than corn per acre. Each year our Government pays farmers not to farm to maintain stable grain prices, instead we should cut those subsides and allow those farmers to grow this amazing plant.
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Re: Legalization of Industrial Hemp

Post by ASHLISPRINGFIELDMO on Fri Oct 28, 2011 9:19 am

This is HUGE.
Great example of the Majority being ruled by the Minority.
Evil or Very Mad

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