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Americans Living Abroad

Post by brit0310 on Thu Oct 27, 2011 7:23 am

An issue came to my attention via email concerned representation for Americans living abroad. I had no idea what to think so I'll just post this topic for discussion.


My name is Mark Solley and I am an American citizen living abroad in Germany for nearly 13 years. I've been very fortunate to have had such an unbiased, independent view of the U.S. for so long, free of the media propaganda the U.S. citizenry are fed on a 24/7 basis.

America is in a very sad state of affairs, as opposed to what I have experienced living in a socially responsible country, as well as when being compared to the advancements made by other social democracies, such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Canada and Australia. Statistics made by independent research organizations do not lie about the state of affairs of these countries, but American politicians and media magnates do. Frankly, I'm tired of watching my country move closer to the edge of a cliff because of such greed and idiocracy. Having that said, I am extremely interested in campaigning for the Office of Delegate for the 99% General Assembly.

My sincere hope is for our country to finally introduce an official 3rd political party into our broken system. The two-party system does not work, and is not what is used by other western industrialized countries that are more successful than us in numerous areas for the common good of society. However, the mere presence of a 3rd party will not structurally suffice in an attempt to quell the advancements, operations and ongoing interests of bought and paid for politicians, CEOs, religious leaders and there biased media platforms. The formulation and implementation of our city, state and federal policies are awash in the rotten influence of these so-called stakeholders, which actually have acted like "fakeholders".

In order to finally wash the aformentioned from our poltical processes the American citizenry must also bare responsibility for the present state of our affairs. Decades of a lack of education, consumerism, irresponsible priorities, indifference and false trust in pundits has turned the masses into sheeple, easily taken advantage of for their votes. Ignorance is powerful, and the ramifications thereof are finally coming home to roost. In order for society to advance, and to ultimately break the cycle of any circle of violence, degradation or marginalization, one must first raise the level of education. To do this, one must make the citizenry become aware of various problems. My sincere hope is to accomplish this task by campaigning. Educating and explaining the benefits of a "new way forward" to the American public is a daunting task. Trying to do this amongst the people of west Texas, which is a mecca of stubborn, religious, right-wing conservatism, is nearly impossible.

I've always been one that is up for a challenge. If a significant portion of my district can be woken up and won over, then similar districts in other states will likely be won as well. The real litmus test will be passed. Then, America will be much, much closer to being the best that it can be and sharing in the successes and prosperous futures afforded to other international actors.

Please inform me of the necessary steps that I must take in order to officially run for the Office of Delegate for the 99% General Assembly.

Respectfully Yours,

Mark C. Solley


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