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Greetings everyone!

If you're reading this, you're probably brand new to this group. You're probably asking, "Why haven't I heard about this sooner?" The answer is a little history lesson. Read on:

On October 5, 2011 a lawyer was called to represent 5 college students arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge while protesting during Occupy Wall Street. When he sat them down, he asked them what it was they really wanted out of this entire movement. The group of them then proceeded to draft a preliminary article, which they optimistically called "The 99% Declaration". The idealistic lawyer made 400 copies of this article and attended the October 15, 2011 meeting of the Occupy Wall Street's New York City General Assembly (OWS NYCGA). He asked to speak to a group of about 300 (not realizing that the rest of the protest had moved to Times Square that evening) and was granted an audience. What this lawyer didn't realize was that people address the NYCGA every day with bills of grievance or lists of suggestions for the government. He thought he was the only one.

This small portion of the NYCGA did what they do to all the other applicants with bills of grievances: they politely listened to him, then proceeding on with more pressing issues, like sanitation and food.

The lawyer decided, well to heck with that, I'm going online with this thing. He made one webpage, stuck the Declaration up, then created a Yahoo group and asked interested people to e-mail him. His Inbox exploded. He was receiving over a thousand e-mails a day from people suggesting changes, expressing their excitement, and generally bubbling over with enthusiasm.

One of his group members got smart and created this forum. That was on October 18, 2011. People migrated here, and the lawyer shut down the Yahoo group. Since then, we've created a Facebook page, which needs a little tweaking, and organized this forum into the state you see it now. We have WorkGroups dedicated to different aspects of what we're proudly calling a movement. We are not in any way currently affiliated with Occupy Wall Street or the New York City General Assembly, although we do have two liaisons who work tirelessly to make us play nicely.

We've got people from all over the US, and others from Canada, Norway, France, Singapore, Germany, and other far-flung places here, working on this project. We have Occupy members and non-Occupy members. All are welcome and all are encouraged to help shape who we are and move us forward.

As of this writing on 10/27/2011, we are in the process of defining ourselves as a group, as a movement, and as a statement. You can help!

Browse through this forum with the understanding that a shiny new website is being built that will have much greater functionality. Join WorkGroups. Vote on polls. Be welcome.


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