$100K Home Voucher for every Adult American, $50K for children.

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$100K Home Voucher for every Adult American, $50K for children.

Post by frankylo3 on Fri Oct 28, 2011 5:42 pm

$100K voucher for every American adult 18 and over, $50k for children to be used by their legal custodian for their residence. Can be used and follows the American. If chooses to buy a home that is $100,001.00. Then owes $1. Can buy and sell homes but the voucher acts as living commodity. Family of two parents and two children have 300k. A credit line of 33% of voucher can be extracted on any voucher maximum to improve home and/or homelife. Freemarkets can compete for rates but voucher can NEVER be taken from their American. Voucher are NOT sellable nor transferable EXCEPT in a marriage and when spouse dies half of their voucher (50K) growers widowed spouse increase to 150K voucher until their death. When American dies, a grieving period occurs in the home of death until such time the family leaves or remains indefinitely with the deceased voucher active until family moves. In this such case, the full 100K voucher remains active in the home of death, otherwise, family can move with spouses 50K increase. In the event parents/legal custodians of child(ren) are not married, the remaining legal parent receives full 100K for the deceased parent in a full attempt to alleviate the loss to the children. As well, imprisoned Americans can proxy their 100K to increase their children's voucher equally distributing their 100k but can NOT receive any financial gain or gift. Upon release, prisoners forfeit their 100K, unless they can regain custody through family courts.

This should solve the housing market issue and allow for free markets and ever American can find a home somewhere in the US. Buying and selling of homes will continue but the legal sales and paperwork will need to be securely reformed as is already in progress in suit and in light of our movement.


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Re: $100K Home Voucher for every Adult American, $50K for children.

Post by Alstein on Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:50 am

This policy wouldn't work. Home prices would skyrocket so the impact of that money would be minimal.


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