Who wants to do what?

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Who wants to do what?

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Re: Who wants to do what?

Post by simplee on Thu Nov 10, 2011 8:48 pm

randallburns wrote:I back nationalization of the Fed. However, what I would expect from nationalization of the Fed is a bit limited. That appoach would mean an additional $450-750 Billion of effective revenue would be available to the US government. That would be a big dent in the governmental deficit-and we'd see accompanying downward pressure on interest rates.

However, even with that in place-and the other changes you are asking for, we'd still have substantail downward pressure on US wages from globalization. We'd still have a voting system in place that represents at best 13-26% of the electorate.

It isn't that the things you are asking for are bad-they are simply not enough by themselves.

I think that accomplishing the transfer of all Fed Reserve functions to the US Treas Dept, public funding of campaigns with the prohibition of all pvt. $$$ in campaigning and lobbying, and the rescinding of "corporate personhood" and "$$$$$ = speech", would be enough right there to increase the voting turnout greatly!

I think it is amazing that we still have as many people voting as we do, since really there are no valid choices. Right now their only choice is between either this corporate-owned entity or that corporate-owned entity.... neither of which will help their own personal situation.


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Additional requirements

Post by RAB on Thu Nov 10, 2011 10:05 pm

Randall, I agree that what I described were only the most basic requirements, but I do believe that, on the material level, these changes could be leveraged to address other issues. On an individual level, we have a lot of spiritual work to do.

The economic and spiritual issues are tied together. Here's a cosmic/comedic view of this, just out on YouTube:

The basis of this video is www.solomonsproof.com.

The implications of this proof are explored in this novel: "Solomon's Proof".



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