Specific Targets to Work on Now

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Petition for Nat. Referendum on Const. Amend & Lay Foundation for a New Party

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Specific Targets to Work on Now

Post by simplee on Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:16 pm

This two-pronged strategy is to gather as many signatures as possible to impress upon Congress the enormous popularity of our demands, in order to force Congress to hold a referendum, or risk losing the votes of a huge block of voters (all those who sign the petition).

To provide additional motivation for Congress to hold the referendum we would declare that if they do not hold the referendum, we will formally launch our new party and run candidates against every legislator who does not support (and vote to enact) our demands.

So we would:

A) Put the finishing touches on the existing Declaration and Grievances

B) Put together a formal petition demanding that Congress hold a national referendum on the two most popular (and most fundamental) of our demands:

(1) Constitutional amendment to rescind corporate personhood

(2) Constitutional amendment to rescind equating of money and free speech

C) Begin printing out copies of the petition to circulate for signatures.

D) Begin process of setting up basics needed for launching of a new independent party and identifying possible candidates for each seat we need to win.


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