Why a National Declaration of Grievances?

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Why a National Declaration of Grievances?

Post by randallburns on Fri Nov 04, 2011 11:24 pm

It is becoming clear to many Americans that their government is at times creating laws that directly contradict the consensus of the American public. This forum will look at attempts to represent the both the specific grievances of concern to the Occupy movement and to define and give expression to the emerging national consensus of the American people and how it differs from the current policies of the federal government.

This site originally was focused on implementing the plan described in The 99 Declaration which at the time a working group within the New York General Assembly. The 99 Declaration is now an independent group which is not directly affiliated with this site or the New York General Assembly-but discussion of that document as one attempt to move towards a National General Assembly is included here.


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Re: Why a National Declaration of Grievances?

Post by DavidArens on Tue Nov 08, 2011 11:05 am

I believe that if we can all come together somewhere then we can create a group that is connected to We the people, We present a list of grievances to congress with clear and obvious direction of what we would like to see. from our government, the key to this is the polls that would have 80 % consensus as to the point and the direction of effort. I am behind this effort and the TAPNEC Wikispace, we all need to get together into one site or another and feed the declaration of grievances to Video Group that will put together our list in a script and video format, for all to see what we have asked congress for.


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