How will a National General Assembly happen?

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Re: How will a National General Assembly happen?

Post by richard in norway on Sun Nov 06, 2011 6:55 am

I agree with alstein that 870 is a very large number, it is difficult to see how they could all get a chance to speak, something that they will become aware of very fast, leading to the more domineering of them becoming very loud and strident, as usual the meek, the thoughtful and the marginalized will probably not be heard. Even with a really good facilitator such a large group will be difficult to guide. However instinct tells me that 84 will be seen as not representative enough, I would say that about 300 would strike the right balance. But it would need a good facilitator

richard in norway

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Re: How will a National General Assembly happen?

Post by PDT on Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:45 am

First thing we need everyone to do here is to make sure their profile information is filled out. We need to have age, sex and location. This will give us some of the demographics we need to make sure our sample is representative of the country.

Posted this in the realistic polls topic. But I think that the demographic makeup could also provide a blueprint for delegate selection.


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Let's do this with forethought, not fast

Post by aspiesmom on Fri Nov 11, 2011 11:47 am

IMHO I think we should stick to the original idea of 870 Delegates. The idea of a smaller elite selection confused sounds more like the US Senate than the US House of Representatives. We are voting on a Declaration of Grievances, if it does not get a quorum on July 4, 2012 then so be it. We will try again the next year and so on, at different cities and venues, until The 99% Delegation grows and evolves into a representative democratic organization of 99% delegates with an official Declaration of Grievance we can righteously demand of the US Congress Idea . We are shooting for the stars and expect this rocket to take off overnite Question It will take tenacity (what my dearly departed Mom I love you used to call "sticktoitiveness" Wink ) and diligence with patience before we get up to speed Exclamation


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Re: How will a National General Assembly happen?

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