Recent Poll Findings, Defining This Group

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Recent Poll Findings, Defining This Group

Post by PDT on Sun Nov 06, 2011 12:29 pm

During the past week, I ran three polls in the Defining This Group topic. I will attempt to summarize their results here, hopefully it may give us a better understanding of who we are and what we are trying to do. I have some polling experience, but don't consider myself an expert. The methodology used on this type of poll may not be the best, but still, having some information could be better than none at all.

During this time period, Ray also ran a similar poll called "Who wants to do what?". His methodology was slightly different than mine, and may provide a counter balance to my polls. I will explain that later.

The first poll was titled "What to do first?" and here are the results.

Create a functioning, well-organized forum for open discussion and opinion polling. 46% [ 12 ]
Create a plan for delegation assembly. 26% [ 7 ]
Write a declaration of rights and demands. 11% [ 3 ]
Something else. 15% [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 26

The question asked relates to prioritizing our work efforts. Based on the results of this poll, 46%, almost half of the respondents said they would first like to create a functioning, well-organized forum for open discussion and opinion polling. That means 54% of those responding would like to do something different than this, but no two choices together garnish more support than that of the first choice. There is no option to rotate these questions, which would be preferred for a pollster. I also don't know who said what, demographically speaking, so whether or not this is a reflection of the whole group (over 800 now) is anyone's guess. I have some further thoughts on that which I will talk about later.

The second poll I created stemmed from the idea that most people wanted the well-organized forum first, so once that was accomplished, what happens next?

In an organized web forum setting we should first...

Establish the mission of the group 50% [ 9 ]
Establish the rules of participation in the forum 33% [ 6 ]
Create a list of items we need to address with the government 5% [ 1 ]
Define the organization and workings of a national assembly 5% [ 1 ]
something else 5% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 18

The top choice here is to establish the mission of the group, half of the respondents (50%) chose this. One third of respondents (33%) chose establish the rules of participation in the forum, so I would say that might be the second thing we do after announcing our mission. The remaining choices garnish very little support in comparison to the first two, but remember, this is all about prioritizing, not necessarily what we ultimately want to accomplish.

To summarize all of this, it seems that most people here would like to:

First create a well organized forum, then establish (state) our mission, then define the rules of participation in that forum.

Ray ran (or is still running) a similar poll titled Who wants to do what? I'm not sure if this poll is still ongoing, so I will not post it here. However, Ray has been asking people to participate in his poll, whereas I did not recruit respondents. I simply left mine up there for voluntary participation. The differences, as you can see by comparing the answers from his to mine, are noticeable. My guess is, that those people who volunteered in my polls are probably defined as one sub-group (Very Active Members?) while Ray's respondents might actually better represent the group as a whole. Still, my questions were all qualified as prioritizing, What to do first, we should first, while Ray's I think represent a more general notion of what we would like to accomplish eventually. This then might take us further towards establishing our mission, the second most chosen priority by (Very Active Members?).

The third poll I ran was titled Why am I here? which was designed to give some insight as to why we all are participating here and what we personally want from this participation.

I am registered on this forum to...

state my opinion 11% [ 8 ]
hear other's opinions 11% [ 8 ]
hear other's opinions which are similar to mine 4% [ 3 ]
hear other's opinions which are different than mine 4% [ 3 ]
help me form an opinion 5% [ 4 ]
hear other's ideas 11% [ 8 ]
express my own ideas 11% [ 8 ]
be part of a group that wants to make change 21% [ 15 ]
help define the common goals of the group 11% [ 8 ]
accomplish goals that are defined by the group 7% [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 70

This was multiple choice, so all we can gather from this is which answer respondents chose the most of, and which they chose the least of. The most popular choice was "be a part of a group that wants to make change".
All tied for second was "state my opinon, hear other's opinions, hear other's ideas, express my own ideas, help define the common goals of the group". With those six being most likely to be picked, I would guess that those people participating in the poll, again possibly a sub-group or cluster (Very Active Members?), are expressing first a desire to make change, but wanting to discuss their opinions and ideas on how to do this and define the goals we have as a group.

"Accomplish the goals that are defined by the group" comes in third, and "help me form an opinion" is fourth, while which types of opinions you would like to hear come in last. This suggests to me that it is more important for the poll participants to define goals first, rather than actually accomplish them, and lastly, most have firm opinions, while they don't really care what type of opinions they hear as long as they hear them.


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Re: Recent Poll Findings, Defining This Group

Post by RayArrowood on Tue Nov 08, 2011 7:39 pm

Hi Paul, I just got my laptop back online and have been trying to catch up on what's happening.

The polls we have done tell us clearly that people want to help change, and we have several subgroups with a different interests. I think we could really move forward the fastest, by simply reorganizing the forum into several different work areas such as.

1) Creating a National General Assembly

2) Creating a National Declaration of Grievances

3) Creating a National Support Group

4) Creating a 3rd National Party

That pretty much covers 99% of the people in the group.

We let the people in those workgroups, decide how they want to proceed on the specific goal without the distraction of everyone trying to decide one mission statement for the whole group.

We have 800+ members and still getting daily membership requests. I think breaking into smaller groups where everyone shares a common goal, will greatly reduce the confusion.

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Re: Recent Poll Findings, Defining This Group

Post by PDT on Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:48 pm

I agree Ray. While I like to check in on everyone else's area of interest, I'm not the best multi-tasker. I like to focus on one thing and let others do theirs. My main interest right now is to see a forum or forums where all of these things could be hashed out. Possibly connecting them together somehow. My ideas here are listed in order of how easy I think each one can be accomplished:

1. An Assembly Forum which allows discussion and also creates polls to test the temperature of emerging ideas.

2. A Petition Forum which takes those ideas that have the most "steam", as Randall has suggested, and puts them into petition language. If near consensus can be reached, 75-80% on something, those items can be written down in petition format, signatures collected and sent to elected representatives across the country. We can ask for them to get on the record as to whether or not they support each one.

3. A National Delegation Forum which has the task of defining "ground troops", those who are representing each geographic location and can be present in a physical location, such as but not limited to, Philadelphia. The Assembly forum can support this, but the idea is to get a physical movement in place eventually.

4. Finally a political party, or non-party as I have seen suggested. This could grow out of the Delegate Assembly since these reps would be chosen already. By non-party I mean, direct election, such as would have to take place on these forums anyway, with no other affiliation besides the fact that they represent consensus vote.


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Re: Recent Poll Findings, Defining This Group

Post by randallburns on Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:32 pm

One other important piece here:
rating of representatives/senators voting records on the extent to which they correspond to national consensus and informed national consensus.

I'd also ideally like to tie that in with who they take money from. Just how much money does it take to get folks to defy the voters in various directions?

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Re: Recent Poll Findings, Defining This Group

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