Remove Clarence Thomas from the Supreme Court Bench for Corruption

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Remove Clarence Thomas from the Supreme Court Bench for Corruption

Post by sobe1618 on Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:47 pm

Justice Clarence Thomas receives contributions from special interests both directly and indirectly through his wife as well as directly to himself. He has stated that he and his wife share views as well as goals. He then has a perfect track record of siding with the organizations that gave him contributions as well as those which contribute to his wife. There have been many close rulings where there are five justices against four justices either in favor or not in favor, and that means that if one of the justices is paid off by special interests, his or her vote could tip the scale in favor of the special interest. The fact that this is possible in our high court demonstrates how flawed the system is, but most gravely, the high court stands to lose all confidence from the American people. If the court loses the confidence of the American people, the purpose of the court as the final and JUST ruling is lost. The court is then tainted by justices with prejudices and predetermined decisions. Clarence Thomas already demonstrated this with the Citizens United ruling where it was 5 to 4 and Clarence Thomas, who received contributions from organizations that benefited from the ruling, placed the deciding vote. If Clarence Thomas does not excuse himself from deciding on the Affordable Care Act and the rest of healthcare reform when his wife has been actively lobbying to repeal the law, and he has admitted to sharing her views and in doing so has admitting to having a prejudice and predetermined decision about the case, and then the ruling turns out to be 5 to 4 again, the faith of the American people on our highest court will be zero and the Supreme Court will become insignificant. To avoid making the Supreme Court of the United States of America completely meaningless, any and all justices whom are involved with special interests in any way shall present full disclosures of their activities and contributions. All Supreme Court Justices shall be investigated thoroughly. After cleaning the court, the number of Justices shall be increased to 15 to avoid the court of being split along party lines.


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