We need to set goals and deadlines

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We need to set goals and deadlines

Post by DavidArens on Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:31 am

Proposed goals the declaration and list of grievances are working documents
1st vote enabled draft ready by thanksgiving weekend Nov 20th
1st vote on working draft December 22nd with line item voting
2nd Draft January 30th
3rd draft February 28th
4th draft March 31st Selection of nominees for delegates to GA in Phili
5th Draft April 30th Beginning of voting for GA delegates
6th Draft May 31st (My Birthday just works out that way) Voting closed for GA delegates
7th Draft June 30th

July 4th ratification in Phili of our first voted on and living documents not controlled by congress for our future leaders to Debate and come up with plans for action.

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