Challenge and then end the systemic dysfunction preventing representational governance

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Challenge and then end the systemic dysfunction preventing representational governance

Post by johnmulkins on Sun Oct 30, 2011 3:17 am

Unless we are forming a break away Country, issues will always arise until we dismantle the systemic dysfunction blocking real progress on the issues. The intentional undermining of our elections, and our media, is the consequent AND result of the way we (don,t) control corporations and (don't) have policies which reflect the will of the People.

Draft resolutions which reform our Corporate Governance laws, refresh our Media, revitalize our Elections, and brings sunlight to our policy-making, and you defeat the cabal using the system against us. Do this in D.C. before the summer recess 2012 and we will be the political force in America. We could dominate the national dialog going into the election.

If Congress refuses to grant us a more representational and democratic Republic, then they can come home and hear about it from their constituents. If they agree to theses reforms, we all win big. If not, we establish our own institution to govern, like they did in S Africa, New Zealand, Norway and Tunisia, Egypt and soon, America!

This proposal for a People's Congress is already on line and can be used, copied, amended or ignored by Occupy if we like. Because PC believes in the process and goals so far identified by the Occupy, the Peoples Congress fully endorse the Occupy Movement and it's decisions.

The link to the PC is here:

The means to establish a new institution for our own governance is here:

Have a good time with this one! It's very central to the planning. Would love to talk with you as well since it's so much more effective. John 510-381-3863

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